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Manage Home Security

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Rely on Our Home Conversion Features

Need home conversion? Turn to Transformed Habitat in Glendale, AZ. We specialize in smart home technology installation, remodeling, and ramps. We understand that when mobility is limited, taking care of household chores can be difficult. With our whole house conversion features, there’s no more reason to worry. Our technologies can automate and streamline your daily activities, from unlocking doors to giving people access to your home.

Getting Rid of Restrictions

Smart home device

Whole house conversions include provisions that make it easier for you to perform basic tasks. Easy access to bathrooms, kitchens, and user-friendly doorways are just some of the things that we can help you with. We offer remodelling and building additions that you can utilize, for you to be able to live with ultimate independence around your house. Never worry about being unable to roam around your own home anymore. We are not only offering services, we are giving you an opportunity to live without limitations.

Benefits of Whole House Conversion:

  • Accessibility
  • Connectivity
  • Convenience
  • Energy-Efficiency
  • Increased Security
  • Real Time Protection
  • Savings

Access Your Home Conveniently

With home conversion system, you can access your home easily and conveniently wherever you are. If you forgot to turn off the lights, there’s a device to control your home lighting. Contact us today at (602) 625-5116 to learn more about what our company can do for you.

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